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Cluedunnit Classic Murder
Our team of professional actors will play the parts of all the suspects in this evening of perfect murder mystery. During the pre dinner drink reception they will mingle with your guests and begin to drop the all important clues. When dinner is called they will join you and a suspect will sit with you at your table.
Cluedunnit - Murder Mystery - Clues and Props for a Murder Mystery.This gives you the perfect time for interrogation and to glean that vital piece of evidence. During the dinner the suspects will circulate between tables to ensure that all guests have an equal chance of finding out just ‘whodunnit’. The action and clues come thick and fast and the performance is continuous.
Our policeman/detective will run the evening for you leaving you and your guests free to use their little grey cells.
During the coffee course the solution forms are collected and the winning team/table announced during the dénouement.
Various plots available.
We supply:
  • Five or Six professional Actors (depending upon storyline)
  • All props, costumes, clues & paperwork
  • Sound Effects & Background period music (subject to Plot)
  • Full liaison with the venue
  • Prize for the winning team

"Compared to all of the companies we have had before for murder mysteries you CLUEDUNNIT group was by far the best entertainment."
Mecure Hotel - Gloucester

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